December 2, 2023

Marketing Executive Jobs in Canada

Marketing Executive Jobs in Canada

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Urgent Recruitment for Marketing Executive

For many people, marketing jobs in Canada are among the most attractive options. This country has an excellent job market and has long been a dream immigration destination for those seeking new challenges.

The marketing industry in Canada has grown in recent years, and many people are choosing this country as their next home.

Digital marketing has brought mass employment opportunities to the country, and Canada boasts an internet coverage of 92%, making it an excellent choice for marketing executives.

While sales and marketing jobs are highly competitive fields, there are benefits to living in Canada, and taking a few key steps to succeed in this career may help you land your dream job in no time.

In fact, many Canadian companies hire people for specific roles, and it’s important to understand your skills and preferences to succeed in your new position.

Job Description

While many of these executives may be tasked with managing social media accounts, the majority of their work will be in digital marketing and advertising.

In addition, they may be responsible for analyzing analytics, producing written or multimedia content, and overseeing programmatic or pay-per-click advertising.

Therefore, executives should be well-versed in digital marketing in general. These are only a few of the responsibilities of a marketing executive.

The job description for a marketing executive typically involves overseeing digital marketing efforts. These executives may manage social media accounts, analyze data, and produce written and multimedia content.

They may also oversee pay-per-click and programmatic advertising campaigns. Digital marketing is increasingly important for any company, and executives need to be familiar with a wide range of digital marketing techniques.

The Job Description for Marketing Executive jobs in Canada consists of planning advertising, marketing, public relations, and e-business activities. These professionals work in advertising firms, government departments, and commercial establishments.

The job opportunities vary, but in general, you can expect to find a good mix of opportunities in Canada. There is a definite need for marketing executives to develop strategies and create effective marketing plans that drive sales.

Job Details

Hiring Organization GET ELEVATED NETWORK
Post Name Marketing Executive
Qualification Familiarity with CRM practices along with the ability to build productive business professional relationships
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$22 to CA$25 Hourly (plus commission)
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 66777

If you’re looking for a marketing job in Canada, you’ve probably heard that it’s one of the most competitive fields. However, despite the fact that this field pays well, it’s also incredibly competitive.

In order to stand out from the competition, you’ll need to know how to build an impressive marketing resume. Include in your resume experience managing social media channels and content, and management of marketing campaigns.

There are many ways to prepare for a marketing job in Canada. For one, you should know what education is required and what skills are expected. You can also join the Canadian Marketing Association to boost your prospects.

However, this role does not require a certification. If you’re looking for a job as a marketing manager in Canada, you’ll likely need a college degree or a post-secondary diploma, and some work experience as a marketing representative.

As a Marketing Executive, your job will be to create and implement sales strategies to increase profits for a company. You’ll plan and manage marketing campaigns and handle analytical, creative, digital, and commercial responsibilities.


You can find thousands of marketing executive jobs in Canada if you have the right skills and experience. To find the right job, you need to build a network. LinkedIn can help you build your network.

There are also services such as Arrive, which provide support during the hiring process. Interviewers discuss what the role will entail, as well as compensation and experience. They might ask you scenario-based questions, too.

Organizations may prefer candidates who have broad skills and knowledge of different industries. Marketing specialists with strategic marketing skills have a wide range of options.

If you’re a younger professional with a lot of work experience, you might have a better chance of finding a position in Canada.

Additionally, you’ll likely need good French and English skills and a high level of education. The good news is that marketing workers typically score well on educational requirements.

The skills you need to get a marketing executive job in Canada can vary by company. For example, sales and marketing roles in Canada can be separated into different categories. There are marketing roles within the professional and scientific services sector.


The Responsibilities of Marketing Executive Jobs in Canada can be categorized into two broad categories – creative and management. A creative marketing executive creates advertising campaigns and oversees the marketing function.

A management marketing executive develops strategies, plans, and evaluates advertising campaigns. A marketing executive’s responsibilities include managing a range of marketing tools and evaluating marketing campaigns.

In addition, they develop strategies to promote a company’s products and services to increase sales. In Canada, marketing and sales positions are in high demand. Managing social media accounts and marketing departments are common responsibilities of a marketing executive.

These jobs typically require you to oversee social media accounts, analyze analytics, create written and multimedia content, and manage advertising and marketing budgets.

Job Benefits

With the recent evolution of the marketing industry, marketing jobs are more rewarding and well-paid than ever. More companies are turning to strategic marketers. And, as a result, ambitious employees use their free time to pursue graduate degrees and advance in their careers.

Moreover, the job market is changing a lot. Twenty-five percent of the workforce changes jobs every seven to nine years. Hence, you should consider moving to Canada to advance your career.

A marketing executive may move into senior roles within the company. They may move between small and medium-sized businesses.

They may also work closely with junior marketing assistants and coordinators. Some marketing-specific graduate schemes hire graduates into executive positions.


A Marketing Executive will typically earn a high salary in Canada, but can also earn considerably more in some other countries. The difference is not always due to the level of experience, but rather the pay range for similar jobs.

Marketing specialists often earn a higher salary than their counterparts in the United States, UK, or Australia. If you’re interested in moving to Canada, consider marketing executive jobs as a great option for your future.

An average entry-level marketing executive in Canada makes a gross salary of CA$42,900 per year or CA$22 per hour. As a marketing specialist, you have many options when it comes to earning more money in Canada.

While the salary for marketing executive jobs in Canada varies, the overall demand for the role remains high.

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